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Chapter 11. Stylin' with Style Sheets - Pg. 372

372 Chapter 11. Stylin' with Style Sheets Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are a standard developed to allow designers finer control over certain elements of a Web page. Most features of CSS are typographic controls. Designers grumbled for years about the design limitations of HTML--for instance, the inability to specify a point size for text. Despite the debate from some old-school members of the digerati about how HTML is a markup language, not a layout language, CSS has become an incredibly useful Web standard. A style is a group of attributes that are called by a single name, and a style sheet is a group of styles. Style sheets simplify the formatting of text, as well as extending the kinds of formatting you can apply (Figures 11.1 and 11.2). When you update a CSS style, all instances of that style are auto- matically updated as well.