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Chapter 12. Setting Up Tables > Getting Help Starting Your Table

Getting Help Starting Your Table

Dreamweaver MX contains some pre-built HTML pages that contain tables; you can use one of these designs as the basis for your page, or you can resize the table and insert it into a page already in progress.

To use a prebuilt template:

From the menu bar, select File > New. The New Document dialog box will appear.

From the Category list at the left, select either Page Designs or Page Designs (Accessible). (The latter uses code meant for a wide variety of browser types, as discussed in Appendix A on the Web site.)

A list of available designs will appear in the Page Designs list box.

Select the name of a page design, and a cropped preview of the page will appear in the preview area (Figure 12.9).

Figure 12.9. You can start with a prebuilt design from Dreamweaver's File > New dialog box.

Find something that looks promising? Click on Create, and the page will appear in a new, unsaved Document window.

Not all the available page designs use tables; some handy page layouts include “Text: Article A-D” (Figures 12.10 and 12.11); Image: Picture and Description; and Image: Thumbnail Grid. Master Horizontal and Master Vertical include the basis for inserting toolbars or other navigation schemes onto a page with tables.

Figure 12.10. Here's the design called Text: Article D, seen in Layout view.

Figure 12.11. Here's the same design, seen in Standard view.

Once you've started with one of these table designs, you can edit it using the features described in this chapter by adding and removing columns and rows; merging and splitting cells; inserting other tables within your table; and by changing alignment and background options.

These designs use dummy text and placeholder images to recreate simple, common page or element designs. You can do whatever you want with the designs, putting text or images wherever you like.



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