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Chapter 19. Managing Your Web Sites > Site FTP Preferences

Site FTP Preferences

You can change a variety of preferences for the Site window, including the appearance, timeout limit, and dependent file settings.

To change Site preferences:

From the Document window menu bar, select Edit > Preferences (Mac OS X: Dreamweaver > Preferences). The Preferences dialog box will appear.

In the Category box at left, select Site to display that panel (Figures 19.75 and 19.76).

Figure 19.75. The Site panel of the Preferences dialog box.

Figure 19.76. A close-up of the Site panel of the Preferences dialog box.

By default, remote files appear on the left, and local files appear on the right in the Site window. If you'd prefer a different setup, select Local Files or Remote Files from the Always Show drop-down menu, and select Right or Left from the second drop-down menu. This setting will also affect the position of the site map in the Site window.

The Dependent Files dialog box (Figure 19.77) will appear whenever you get, put, check in, or check out a file. You can turn off the dialog by checking the Don't Ask Me Again box. To turn off the dialog, or to reinstate it, select or deselect the Dependent Files check boxes.

Figure 19.77. Our old pal, the Dependent Files dialog box.

By default, your connection will terminate after 30 minutes of idling. To change this, type it in the Minutes Idle text box. To turn off automatic timeouts (for instance, if you have a direct network connection), deselect the Disconnect After check box.

If the server is not responding, processes such as connecting, viewing the file list, getting, and putting will expire. The default timeout period is 60 seconds (and it's a good rule of thumb). You can set a different limit by typing it in the FTP Time Out text box.

To save files when you upload them, check the Save Files Before Putting check box.

See the sidebar Burn, Burn, Burnto find out about setting up firewall information.

When you're satisfied, click OK to save the changes to the preferences and close the Preferences dialog box. You'll return to the Document window.



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