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Chapter 4. Editing Code > The Tag Inspector Panel

The Tag Inspector Panel

New in Dreamweaver MX, the Tag Inspector panel (Figure 4.82) provides a tree view of every single tag on your page. You can both view and edit the tags on your page using this panel.

Figure 4.82. The Tag inspector panel lists all the tags and none of the text.

To view the Tag inspector panel:

  • From the menu bar, select Window > Tag Inspector, or press F9.


    On the Code panel group, click on the Tag Inspector tab.

The Tag inspector panel will appear, listing all the tags in your document in tree view.

To navigate through your tags:

  • To expand or collapse a tag, showing or hiding both its closing tag and any tags that appear within it, click on the expander (+ or -) next to it. For example, you can collapse an entire TABLE tag for a more concise view of the rest of your page (Figure 4.83); or you could expand the HEAD tag to see what META elements it contains (Figure 4.84).

    Figure 4.83. I collapsed all the TABLE tags so I can see what other tags are on my page.

    Figure 4.84. I expanded the HEAD tag to examine its contents.

  • The area below the tag tree is called the property sheet. Click on any tag, whether it's expanded or collapsed, and all its possible attributes will be listed (Figure 4.85). Any attributes for which you have already specified values will show that information.

    Figure 4.85. All possible attributes are listed for a selected tag in its property sheet—this is the one for TD.

To add or change tags and attributes:

  • To change a tag, double-click on it, type a new tag in its place (Figure 4.86), and press Enter (Return). For example, to change B to STRONG, double-click on a B tag and type STRONG. Brackets will be added.

    Figure 4.86. To change a tag or an attribute, double-click on it and type something new in its place.

  • To add a value for an attribute, click to the right of the attribute and type a new value or, where a menu appears, select one.

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