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Chapter 4. Editing Code > The Insert Tag Command and the Tag Chooser

The Insert Tag Command and the Tag Chooser

If you want to peruse information about tags as you insert them, particularly if you're setting out to learn HTML or another supported language, you may find the Tag Chooser useful. The one unique feature of the Tag Chooser is the way it categorizes tags. It also lets you take your time looking at different tags, as opposed to the Hints menu or the Edit Tag dialog box.

To use the Tag Chooser:

In Code view or the Code inspector, Right-click (Control+click) on the point within your page where you want to insert the new tag. (You can move it later.)

From the context menu that appears, select Insert Tag (Figure 4.66). The Tag Chooser will appear.

Figure 4.66. Right-click (Control+click) within some code in the Document window or Code inspector and select Insert Tag.

The Tag Chooser includes tags for HTML as well as several dynamic languages (Figure 4.67). Double-click the folder for HTML or for another language.

Figure 4.67. The Tag Chooser dialog box offers a choice of several mark-up languages.

Within each folder, the tags are organized by type. You can view the whole list or the further divisions of General, Browser Specific, Deprecated, and Obsolete. Browse until you find a tag you want (Figure 4.68).

Figure 4.68. Use the Tag Chooser to browse through tags by category, and further by whether they're considered proprietary (Browser-Specific), on their way out (Deprecated) or Obsolete. Click on Tag Info to find out more.

To view information about the tag, click Tag Info. To view further information, such as definitions of each attribute, click the button, and the tag will open in the Reference panel.

To insert the tag (it will appear at the insertion point, where you just clicked), click on Insert.

If the tag is listed with brackets, such as <center></center>, it will be inserted.

If the tag is listed without brackets, the Edit Tag dialog box will appear and offer you the chance to add attributes and in some cases, content, before inserting the tag.


  • For more about the tools connected with the Tag Chooser, see Using the Reference Panel and Using the Edit Tag Dialog Box.

  • I find this tool a bit redundant, but it's a good starting point if you're learning HTML, WML, or ASP.NET in particular.

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