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Chapter 4. Editing Code > Hand Coding in Dreamweaver

Hand Coding in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver serves as a full-fledged code editor for all sorts of files: HTML, CSS, XML, XTML, JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, and so on.

When you type code in Dreamweaver, two features track what you type and make suggestions: Tag completion (autocompletion) and Tag hints.

Tag completion

On a blank page or test page, open Code view or the Code inspector and type a left angle bracket: <

The Tag Hints menu will appear (Figure 4.53), listing pretty much every dadblasted tag there is. You can select a tag from the menu, but it might be more expedient to keep typing the letter P:

Figure 4.53. Type an opening angle bracket, or less-than sign, and the Tag Hints menu will appear.


The menu will scroll to the P listings, where your choices are P, PARAM, and PRE (Figure 4.54).

Figure 4.54. I typed the letter p inside the bracket, and the menu scrolled to the p's.

Select a tag, if you wish, or complete the tag:


Dreamweaver will automatically close your tag:

<p></p> (Figure 4.55)

Figure 4.55. I finished typing the <p> tag and Dreamweaver supplied the closing </p> tag.

Now, when I hand code, I prefer to type my content and then close the tag, but here Dreamweaver is performing a public service by making sure that tag gets closed. If you start typing now, your content will appear between the <p></p> tags.

Turning off autocomplete

Is this autocomplete stuff bothering you? Open the Preferences dialog box (Edit > Preferences; on Mac OS X, choose Dream weaver > Preferences) and select Code Hints from the Category list. Now, deselect the Enable Auto Tag Completion check box (Figure 4.56). You can also choose which Hints menus, if any, you want to pop up when you're typing code. See the next section, About the Hints Menus.

Figure 4.56. Deselect the Enable Auto Tag Completion check box if you don't want closing tags to be supplied for you.

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