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Chapter 17. Automating Dreamweaver > Recording a Command

Recording a Command

You can record a set of steps as a command as you perform them, without having to copy them from the History panel. You may have used Microsoft Word or BBEdit to record and save macros. That's exactly what you'll be doing here. A macro is a single, named computer command that contains many different actions. In order to perform the whole group of actions at once, you play the macro, just as you play back recorded music more than one note at a time.

To record a command:

Make a mental list (or jot it down) of the steps you want to perform (Figure 17.141). Sometimes once you start recording, you can forget what it is you wanted to save in your macro.

Figure 17.141. Figure out what you're doing before you do it.

From the menu bar, select Commands > Start Recording. The mouse pointer will turn into a little cassette tape icon (Figure 17.142).

Figure 17.142. The mouse pointer, looking like a little cassette, awaits your next move.

Perform the steps you want to save (Figure 17.143). You can record menu commands, keyboard shortcuts, and changes made in the Property inspector or in dialog boxes. You cannot record mouse actions such as resizing a table with the mouse or dragging a layer (for either action, type values in the Property inspector instead of dragging). If you attempt to use the mouse, you'll get an error message ( Figure 17.144 ).

Figure 17.143. I inserted an image, resized it using the Property inspector, and changed the border to 10.

Figure 17.144. You can't record mouse movements. You can, however, drag the mouse to get this dialog box, and then click Yes to stop recording.

From the menu bar, select Commands >Stop Recording.

Your steps will appear in the Command menu as “Play Recorded Command.”



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