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Chapter 17. Automating Dreamweaver > Copying and Pasting Steps

Copying and Pasting Steps

Dreamweaver keeps a separate history list for each open Document window. If you want to share steps between documents, you can copy and paste steps.

To share steps between windows:

Display the Document window that includes the steps you want to share, and select the steps (Figure 17.132).

Figure 17.132. I selected three steps: inserting a table, setting the table border, and setting the cellspacing.

In the History panel, click the Options menu button, and select Copy Steps from the menu (Figure 17.133).

Figure 17.133. Select Copy Steps from the Options menu.


Click the Copy Steps button .

Display the Document window (or open the document) that includes the objects you want to modify using the steps you copied.

Select the object you want to modify, or click to place the insertion point where you want to insert an object (Figure 17.134).

Figure 17.134. In this example, I'm opening a new, blank document in which to insert the table, but you can open an existing document or display one that's already open.

From the Document window menu bar, select Edit > Paste.


Press Ctrl+V (Command+V).

The steps will be replayed in the second window, and “Paste Steps” will appear inthe History panel (Figure 17.135).

Figure 17.135. I pasted the steps. The table appeared with the other modifications, and each step appeared as “Paste Steps” in the History panel.



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