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Chapter 17. Automating Dreamweaver > Creating a Library Item

Creating a Library Item

You create a library item by copying a piece of existing HTML into the Library. You can select part of any existing page, or you can create a dummy page for the sole purpose of adding items from it to the Library.

To create a new library item:

Open the page that contains the stuff you want to add to the Library.

If you are working with a new page, save the page in a folder on your local site.

Select the desired objects (Figure 17.8).

Figure 17.8. Select all the text, images, and other code you want to include in your library item. Here, I'm selecting the <center> tag in the Tag selector, which includes all the tags and text I want to use.

You may want to use the Code inspector, Split view, or the tag selector to select all the tags you need.

From the menu bar, select Modify > Library > Add Object to Library. The Library will appear (Figure 17.9).

Figure 17.9. The Library, more wordily known as the Library category on the Assets panel. To just display the Library without adding a new item to it, select Window > Assets from the menu bar.


Drag the selection into the list box on the Library category of the Assets panel.


On the Library category of the Assets panel, click the New button .

Type a name for the library item in the text box, replacing the word Untitled. Your new item will be highlighted in yellow in the Document window (Figure 17.10).

Figure 17.10. The elements you've added to the Library will be highlighted in yellow, and the entire chunk of stuff will be one object—click anywhere within the yellow area to select the item.



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