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Lesson 2. Working with Graphics > Adding Flash Animations

Adding Flash Animations

You can add Flash animations to your document as easily as you can add an image, provided that the animation already exists. You cannot create animations directly within Dreamweaver.

Create a new document and save it as lens_demo.html in the Lesson_02_Graphics folder. Use Modify > Page Properties to set the title as Lights of the Coast: Lights: Refraction. Set the background graphic as bkg_inside_tan.gif from the Lesson_02x_Graphics/Images folder. Set the background color as #CCCC99, and set the default text color as #000000. Click OK.

You have saved the document and set the background and page title properties.

Open lens-demo.txt from the Lesson_02_Graphics/Text folder. Copy the text and paste it into the lens_demo.html document. Add an extra paragraph break after the first paragraph and place the insertion point on the new line.

Be sure to use a paragraph break and not a line break. You need a new paragraph block.


You may need to add additional paragraph breaks between the two lines of header information at the top of the document and the first paragraph to prevent the black bar of the background from obscuring the text in the first paragraph.

In the Assets panel, click the Flash button in the left column.

The Flash assets appear in the panel. The Site and Favorites lists for Flash assets work the same way as they do for image assets. You can use the same techniques to manage and organize Flash files as you do to manage and organize images.


You can also insert a Flash animation by clicking the Flash icon on the Media tab of the Insert bar.

In the Site list, select LenseDemoY.swf; then click Insert.

The Flash animation is placed on the page.

In the Property inspector, make sure the boxes for Loop and Autoplay are checked. Click Play to view the animation in Dreamweaver.

To view animation files in Dreamweaver, you must click Play. Click Stop when you are done testing.


You can resize animations by dragging their selection handles. Hold down the Shift key to constrain the proportions.

Save the file and preview it in the browser.

Autoplay causes the Flash animation to begin playing as soon as the page is loaded into the browser. The animation plays repeatedly because you chose Loop in the Property inspector.



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