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Lesson 9. Using Templates > Adding Repeating Entries

Adding Repeating Entries

The table for “Other Lighthouses With 1st Order Fresnel Lenses” that is now displayed in the pt_reyes.html document contains the repeating region you created in the profile template. In this exercise, you will use the repeating region to insert entries for five lighthouses.

In the “name” editable region in the pt_reyes.html document, located on the now visible optional region, type Robben Island Lighthouse; type Table Bay, South Africa in the “location” editable region; and type 59 feet in the “height” editable region. Format each entry as Verdana, –1.

The editable regions you placed in each cell allow you to enter content into the repeating regions.

On the Repeat:otherlights tab, click the plus sign (+) button.


You may have to roll over the text Repeat:otherlights on the tab in order to get the pointer to change to an arrow, which will allow you to click the button.

A duplicate of the repeating region is added below the row in which you typed the information for the Robben Island Lighthouse. Since both the spacer row and the row for the information were selected when you defined the repeating region, the spacer row is included (making it easier to see the buttons on the repeating region tab). If you had selected only the last row for the information, there would be no spacer row.

The four buttons on the repeating region tab allow you to add, delete, and change the order of the entries in this region.

Use the lighthouse information that follows to add four more entries to the table.

Name Location Tower Height
Inubo-Saki Lighthouse Cape Inubo, Japan 103 feet
South Stack Lighthouse Holyhead Island, UK 197 feet
Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Jupiter, Florida 105 feet
St. Bees Lighthouse St. Bees Head, UK 56 feet

You now have five entries of lighthouse information in this table.

Place the insertion point in the cell for the Inubo-Saki Lighthouse. Use the up arrow button on the Repeating Region tab to move this entry up to the top of the list.

The arrow buttons allow you to move the entries up or down in the region.

Use the up and down arrow buttons on the repeating region table to adjust the remaining entries in the table so the names appear in alphabetical order. Save the file.

You can close the pt_reyes.html file.



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