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Lesson 9. Using Templates > Creating Optional Content

Creating Optional Content

The optional content feature allows you to define whether the content is hidden or displayed in the pages based on the template. It enables you to set conditional or specific values for displaying content. You control these values through template parameters and conditional expressions.

In profile.dwt, select the table for “c” and the line of blank space above it by clicking just to the right of the table and dragging upwards and to the left until the pointer rests in the space created by the blank line above the table.

The table will look grayed-out to indicate that it has been selected along with the line break element before it. This table will be optional on pages that use the profile template.

Click the Optional Region icon on the Templates tab of the Insert bar.

The New Optional Region dialog box opens with the Basic tab active.

In the Basic tab of the Optional Content dialog box, uncheck the Show by Default box. Click OK to close the dialog box.

When creating your own Web site, if the content you define as optional will be used on the majority of your pages, you should leave this box checked. In this lesson, however, only one of the pages will use this content, so it is easier when creating subsequent pages if this content is hidden by default.

In this example, you are using the default name for the optional region.



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