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Lesson 9. Using Templates > Removing Editable Regions - Pg. 245

Using Templates 7. 245 Save your file. The region names appear on tabs above all the outlined areas to help you identify which areas you've designated as editable. NOTE Many of the tools and features available for creating and editing your original templates will only be available in the Design View, which you have been working in. Some template controls are not available if you are in Code View, which you will work with in Lesson 12. If you are working in Code View and find yourself unable to perform certain template opera- tions, switch to Design View. Leave this file open to use in the next exercise. Removing Editable Regions You have designated certain areas of the template as "editable." You can also lock them again. In locked areas, elements cannot be changed directly on a page that has been created from the tem- plate. Any elements located in locked areas must be edited on the original template file itself. 1. In profile.dwt, click the tab for the region copyright in the document window in order to select it. The Tag Selector at the bottom of the document window displays the template markup <mmtemplate:editable>.