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Lesson 8. Using Libraries

Lesson 8. Using Libraries

There are many items and groups of items that you may need to create and repeat on multiple pages throughout your Web site. These items may include, but are not limited to, navigation, copyright information, headers, and footers. Dreamweaver lets you store these often-used content items as library items. Creating library items for these elements will allow you to quickly and easily insert the same content into many documents. If you need to change information, such as copyright dates that may appear on a large number of pages throughout your site, library items will make it possible for you to edit the content and, with a single command, update all documents that reference it. Without a library item, you would have to open each page and modify the information individually. On a small site, this may not be difficult; however, on a very large site it would be very time-consuming and greatly increase the probability of errors. Library items provide a way for you to maintain consistency and automate the process of updating your site. Library items enable you to repeat certain elements on pages that can still have different layouts. Effective use of library items can be a timesaver not only in the development stage of your Web site, but in the ongoing maintenance tasks, as well.

In this project, you will add a library item to a page. After you modify the library item, you will use the update feature in order to quickly and efficiently make the same changes to all pages containing that item on the site.

To see examples of the finished pages for this chapter, open culture.html, lights.html, and technology.html from the Lesson_08_Library/Completed folder.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn when and why to use library items

  • Create and insert a library item

  • Recreate a library item

  • Edit an existing library item

  • Update all references to a library item

  • Detach a library item

  • Create and modify a library item containing behaviors


This lesson should take about one hour to complete.


Media Files:

Lesson_08_Library/Images/…(all files)

Starting Files:




Completed Project:





Library items contained within the completed folders have been named with the _completed suffix in order to differentiate them from the library items that you will create in this lesson. The original library items are not included—if you would like to see them, follow the steps in the section “Recreating a Library Item.”



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