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Lesson 6. Managing Your Site > Viewing a Subset of the Entire Site

Viewing a Subset of the Entire Site

As your site becomes larger and more complex, the site map might become too big to see in the Site window. You can refine the view to show just a selected page and its links.

In the Site window, select the history.html page in the site map.

This is the most extensive section in the Lesson_06_Site folder, so viewing it as a subset will let you focus on any pages that can be accessed with history.html as the starting point.

Choose Site > Site Map View > View As Root (Macintosh) or View > View As Root from the Site window (Windows).

The site map changes to show the history.html page as the root (the top level) and its links (the second level). Below the site toolbar is a gray bar displaying the hierarchy of the site, beginning with the file you set as the home page and ending with the file that you chose to view as the root. For this exercise, you should see index.html > history.html.


This structural site navigation works the same way as breadcrumb navigation, which is used on many sites. Breadcrumbs show the visitor the hierarchical path from the main page of the site to the page they are on. They usually appear near the top of the page. Each part of the site listed in the breadcrumb path is normally linked to that section. For example, the breadcrumb navigation for the roles.html page would be Main > History > Roles. In this example, the text “Main” would be linked to the index.html page, and “History” would be linked to the history.html page. “Roles” is not linked—it is at the end of the breadcrumbs which indicates to the visitor that the page being viewed is the Roles page.

Click the Dreamweaver icon to the left of index.html on the Site Navigation bar, the home page for the Lights of the Coast site.

The site root is returned to your home page.



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