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Lesson 6. Managing Your Site > Integrated File Explorer

Integrated File Explorer

The integrated file explorer makes it much easier to access and work with files that may be located outside of your site's root folder.

Collapse the Site—Lights of the Coast folder in the Local Files pane of the Site window by clicking the arrow (Macintosh) or the minus sign (Windows) next to the site folder.

Collapse the folder to see the Computer (Macintosh) or Desktop (Windows) icon just below your site folder without having to scroll down in the window. The icon is visible in the Site panel whether or not the site folder is collapsed.

Click the arrow next to the Computer icon (Macintosh) or plus sign next to the Desktop icon (Windows) to open the integrated file explorer and browse your computer files.

Dragging and dropping files between your Site folder and your Computer or Desktop will create copies of the files dragged in the new location. If you drag and drop files inside of the Site folder, those files will be moved to the new location.


If you need to drag and drop files to or from the Site folder and the Computer (Macintosh) or Desktop (Windows), you must do so within the Dreamweaver Site window. You cannot drag items out of the Site window into folders in the Finder (Macintosh), in My Computer (Windows), or in Windows Explorer File Manager (Windows) or vice-versa.

You can open files in other programs by double-clicking them. Dreamweaver will use the program that it associates with the file you chose to open it.


You can change the associated programs by choosing Edit > Preferences and selecting File Types/Editors from the category list. Select, add, or delete file extensions in the extensions list, and use the editors list to define which programs to use when opening files with the selected extensions.

You should collapse the Computer icon (Macintosh) or Desktop icon (Windows) and expand the Site—Lights of the Coast folder when you are done and ready to move on to the next exercise.



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