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Introduction > Minimum System Requirements: Macintosh

Minimum System Requirements: Macintosh

  • Power Mac G3 or better

  • Mac OS 9.1 or higher, or Mac OS X 10.1 or higher

  • Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer 4.0 or later

  • 96MB of RAM (128MB recommended)

  • 275MB available disk space

  • 256-color monitor capable of 800x600 resolution (1024x768, millions of colors recommended; thousands of colors required for OS X)


Dreamweaver MX requires Apple Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.2.5 or greater. To download and install the current version of MRJ, see the ReadMe file on the CD-ROM. If you have Macintosh OS X, you already have at least the minimum version of Java that Dreamweaver requires.

Macintosh memory issues: Symptoms of Dreamweaver running on low memory include images turning a light, solid gray with diagonal lines forming an X across the area occupied by the image. If this occurs, try the following:

  • Check the minimum system requirements listed earlier in this section.

  • Close other applications.

  • Allocate more memory. In many cases, applications cannot work properly if they don't have enough memory allocated to them. When a software product is shipped, it defaults to a specific memory setting. Sometimes, this default memory allocation is too low for a user's specific use, and the amount of allocated memory needs to be increased.

To increase the amount of memory allocated to Dreamweaver, quit Dreamweaver. Navigate to the folder containing the Dreamweaver application. Click once on the Dreamweaver application icon to select it. Choose File > Get Info > Memory. (You can also use the keyboard shortcut Command+I to open the Get Info dialog box for Dreamweaver, and then select Memory in the Show pop-up menu.) In the Preferred Size text box, increase the numeric value. Apple recommends that you increase the preferred size in increments of ten. Users may also set the Minimum Size to match the Preferred Size. This will insure that Dreamweaver allocates all the memory you've specified when launched. If there is not enough memory available, a warning may occur and Dreamweaver won't launch. Close the Get Info dialog box and relaunch Dreamweaver. To check the amount of memory you've allocated to Dreamweaver, choose About This Computer from the Apple Menu. About This Computer will show you the amount of memory being used by an open application (including the operating system).

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