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Lesson 17. Extending Dreamweaver

Lesson 17. Extending Dreamweaver

You can expand Dreamweaver's capabilities with the use of extensions. Dreamweaver was designed to be extensible, allowing users of the program to expand functionality. An extension is a piece of software you can add to Dreamweaver to enhance Dreamweaver's capabilities. There are several different kinds of extensions, from simple HTML that you can add to the Insert bar and the Insert and Commands menus, to JavaScript commands you can add to the Command menu or Behaviors panel.

In this project, you will customize Dreamweaver with extensions that will enable you to insert elements like QuickTime movies and breadcrumbs.

Advanced users who are proficient in JavaScript can create new behaviors and insert them into Dreamweaver. Even with only a basic understanding of HTML, you can create simple objects or commands for use within Dreamweaver. You can also use extensions created by others using the Dreamweaver Extension Manager to download and install extensions from the Dreamweaver Exchange Web site. In this lesson, you will use extensions that have been provided for you on the CD that accompanies this book. There is a wide range of extensions available, ranging from ones that you can buy to freeware-style scripts. Extensions on Macromedia's Dreamweaver Exchange are free. Many are created by developers who offer both free and paid scripts.

To see examples of the finished pages for this lesson, open lighthouse.html and cabrillo_qtvr.html from the Lesson_17_Customize/Completed folder.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Add extensions using the Extension Manager

  • Use new extensions

  • Create your own objects


This lesson should take about one hour to complete.


Media Files:

Lesson_17_Customize/Images/…(all files)

Starting Files:

Lesson_17_Customize/Objects/…(all files)


Lesson_17_Customize/MacExtensions/… (all files)

Lesson_17_Customize/WinExtensions/… (all files)

Completed Project:

Lesson_17_Customize/Completed/…(all files)



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