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Lesson 4. Elements of Page Design > Copying and Pasting Table Cells

Copying and Pasting Table Cells

You now have two tables—the first table contains titles for each column, and the second table contains the data. Now you want to combine the two tables. You can copy and paste multiple table cells at the same time, preserving the cell's formatting, or you can copy and paste only the contents of the cell.

Cells can be pasted at an insertion point or in place of a selection in an existing table. If you want to paste multiple table cells, the contents of the Clipboard must exactly match the structure of the table or the selection in the table that the pasted cells will replace. You can copy one cell and paste it to replace a selected cell, but you cannot copy two cells and paste them to replace a single cell. The number and orientation of the cells that you copy must match the number and orientation of the cells you plan to replace.

In the lodging.html document, select all the cells in the second table by clicking the top left cell and dragging across the cells to the bottom right cell.

The selected cells are displayed with black borders. Selecting the cells in this manner selects the cells themselves, not the entire table. You will see black outlines around each cell.

Choose Edit > Copy or press Command+C (Macintosh) or Ctrl+C (Windows).

To be cut or copied, the selected cells must form a rectangle.

Click once inside the first cell of the second row in the top table.

This empty cell is where the copied cells will be pasted.

Choose Edit > Paste or press Command+V (Macintosh) or Ctrl+V (Windows).

All the cells from the second table are inserted into the first table. Click outside the table to deselect the cells.


If you are pasting entire rows or columns, the rows or columns are added to the table. If you are pasting an individual cell, the contents of the selected cell are replaced if the Clipboard contents match the structure of the selected cell. If you are pasting outside a table, the rows, columns, or cells are used to define a new table.

If you need to remove the contents of cells but leave the cells themselves intact, select one or more cells but not an entire row or column. Then choose Edit > Clear or press Delete. If you need to remove an entire row, drag across all the cells in the row to select it, and press Delete. The row and all its contents will be deleted.

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