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Exporting a Table

The HTML code defining the table you create in Dreamweaver has all the tags required to display that table in a browser. If you need to extract the table information to place in a database, a spreadsheet, or a word-processing or page-layout application, you can't just copy and paste the text. All you'll get is the text with no row and column formatting. But you can export the table and save the file as a tab-delimited file that most word-processing and spreadsheet applications can read.

In the lodging.html document, select the table.

You can be in layout view or standard view. You will export this table from Dreamweaver into a new file.

Choose File > Export > Table.

The Export Table dialog box opens.

From the Delimiter drop-down menu, choose Tab.

Most word processing and spreadsheet applications can read both comma-and tab-delimited tables. When you choose File > Export > Table, Tab is selected by default. Your choices of delimiter values for the table data are Tab, Space, Comma, Semicolon, and Colon. If you are not sure which option to use, choose Tab.

From the Line Breaks drop-down menu, choose line breaks for the operating system you are using: Macintosh, Windows, or Unix.

Line breaks are the characters inserted at the end of each line. You dealt with them in Lesson 1 when you imported text. When choosing which type of line breaks to use, select the the operating system for which you are exporting the file. You may need to choose an operating system other than your own if the file will be used on a different platform.

Click Export. In the dialog box that opens, name the exported file export_lodging.txt and save it in the Lesson_04_Tables folder.

The entire table is exported to a new file with the name you chose. The file you created is an ASCII text file.

You can save and close the lodging.html document.

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