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Lesson 1. Dreamweaver MX Basics > Using a Background Graphic

Using a Background Graphic

In this exercise, you'll add a background graphic to the introduction.html document. A background graphic is generally a small graphic that tiles on your page by repeating itself to the extent of the width and height of the browser window. You can define both a background color and a background graphic for your pages. On slow connections or in slow browsers, you may see the background color displayed first—a good reason to set a background color even if you plan on using a background image. Once the background graphic has loaded, it remains onscreen, overriding the background color.

Choose Modify > Page Properties.

The Page Properties dialog box appears.

Click the Browse button next to Background Image text field. Choose the bkg_inside_tan.gif graphic in the Images folder in the Lesson_01_Text folder and click OK to close the Page Properties dialog box.

Your changes are applied to the document, and you will see the background image tiling in the document window. The bkg_inside_tan.gif image tiles across the page, creating horizontal bands of white, black, and tan.

If you wanted to delete a background graphic, you would need to open the Page Properties dialog box and delete the filename in the Background text field. For this lesson, however, you should leave the background image in the document.



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