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Lesson 1. Dreamweaver MX Basics > Specifying a Background Color

Specifying a Background Color

In Dreamweaver, you can change the background color of a page easily by using a palette of colors known as the Web-safe color palette. This palette is a collection of 216 colors that appear the same in browsers on both Macintosh and Windows. In this exercise, you will access that palette from the Page Properties dialog box to change the background color for introduction.html.

Choose Modify > Page Properties.


You can use the keyboard commands Command+J (Macintosh) or Ctrl+J (Windows) to open the Page Properties dialog box.

The Page Properties dialog box appears. There are no defaults displayed in this dialog box, even though white is the default background color for the document window in Dreamweaver. If you do not define a background color, the page will use the browser default when a visitor views the page.

Click the color box for Background option. A color palette pops up, and the pointer changes automatically to an eyedropper. In the color palette, move the eyedropper over a color swatch.

Notice that the hexadecimal equivalents for the colors are displayed at the top of the color palette as you roll over the swatches. In HTML, colors are defined in hexadecimal code using RGB—red, green, and blue. Hexadecimal is a base-16 numbering system that uses 0 through 9 and A through F. In the six-digit code used in HTML to describe color, the first two digits represent red, the second two digits represent green, and the last two digits represent blue. For example, #00FF00 will have no red, a bright green, and no blue; #000000 has no red, no green, and no blue—it is black.


You can also move the eyedropper over the document window and choose a color from items there such as text and images.

Click the pale tan swatch that displays the hexadecimal code #CCCC99.

The pale tan color #CCCC99 is now selected as the background color for your page. You can also type the hexadecimal code directly into the text field to change the color.

Click Apply to view the color change in your document.

Clicking Apply allows you to view your changes without closing the Page Properties dialog box. If you just want to close the dialog box, clicking OK will close it and apply the change automatically.



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