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Lesson 1. Dreamweaver MX Basics > Specifying Preview Browsers

Specifying Preview Browsers

As you develop Web pages, you will need to continually test how your work appears in different browsers, such as Netscape and Internet Explorer. What you see in the Dreamweaver document window is only an approximation of how the pages will look. Every browser has differences in how it displays Web pages, and while some of these discrepancies are slight, the differences can sometimes be very significant. You'll notice differences even between different versions of the same browser. The more you test your site in multiple browsers and operating systems, and make changes accordingly, the more certain you can be that visitors to the site will see your pages as you intended them to look. The Preferences in Dreamweaver enable you to specify which browsers you want to use to preview the pages in your site. To speed up the process you can define a primary and a secondary browser and use a keyboard shortcut for each.

Choose File > Preview in Browser > Edit Browser List.

The Preferences dialog box opens to display the Preview in Browser preferences. Dreamweaver may automatically list one or more of the browsers that are on your computer.

When you click a browser name in the browser list, the check boxes below the list will show whether it is the primary or secondary browser. If you have more than two browsers, it will leave both boxes unchecked to show that it is neither.


Alternatively, you can choose Edit > Preferences and select Preview in Browser in the Category list, located on the left side of the dialog box, to open the same Preview in Browser Preferences dialog box. You can also use the keyboard command Command+U (Macintosh) or Ctrl+U (Windows) to open the Preferences dialog box. If you are using Macintosh OS X, you can also access the Preferences by choosing Dreamweaver > Preferences.

Click the plus sign (+) button to add another browser to the list.

When the dialog box appears, browse your hard disk to find and choose a browser application. Check the Primary Browser check box if you want to launch this browser by pressing Command+F12 (Macintosh) or Control+F12 (Windows) when you preview your pages. Check the Secondary Browser check box if you want to preview your documents in this browser by pressing Control+F12. (You'll be previewing the pages you develop while completing the lessons in this book often, so using these shortcuts will save you time.)

To remove a browser from the list, select the browser name in the list and click the minus (–) button.

To change a browser choice, select the browser name in the list. Then click Edit and locate a different browser.

Leave the Preview Using Temporary File option checked. Click OK when you are done adding browsers.

The Preview Using Temporary File option is checked by default. Leave this option checked so that Dreamweaver will create a temporary file to use when previewing pages in a browser.



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