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Lesson 1. Dreamweaver MX Basics > Adding Horizontal Rules

Adding Horizontal Rules

A horizontal rule is a line that goes across the page and provides a visual division between sections of your content. In this exercise, you will add a horizontal rule above the copyright information.

From the Common tab on the Insert bar, click the Insert Horizontal Rule button and drag a horizontal rule to the bottom of the document, just to the left of the copyright information.

If the Insert bar is not visible, choose Window > Insert. You can also click in the document and choose Insert > Horizontal Rule. Once you insert the horizontal rule, it will be selected in the document window. It will be placed just above the copyright information, which will drop down to a line below the horizontal rule.

With the horizontal rule still selected, type 70 in the W (width) text field on the Property inspector. Choose % from the drop-down menu to the right of the value you just typed.

The horizontal rule extends across 70 percent of the browser window regardless of the browser width. The rule is displayed as a thin bar on the page.


Choose pixels from the menu to specify an absolute width. If you choose this option, the rule is not resized when users resize the browser window.

Deselect Shading. Type 1 in the H (height) text field.

Deselecting the Shading check box displays a solid bar. The horizontal rule is 3 pixels high.

You can also choose to align the bar horizontally by choosing left, center, or right from the Align drop-down menu. The default alignment for horizontal rules is centered.

Save the file and preview it in the browser.

Notice how the horizontal rule appears. You can make changes by selecting it and modifying the properties in the Property inspector.



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