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Lesson 1. Dreamweaver MX Basics > Placing Text on a Page

Placing Text on a Page

You can add text to introduction.html by typing it directly on the page.

In the document window, type Introduction to Lights of the Coast: Exploring Lighthouses.

The first heading for the introduction.html page appears in the document window as you type it.

From the Format drop-down menu on the Property inspector, choose Heading 4.

You have tagged the text as a level-4 heading.

HTML has six levels of headings, numbered 1 through 6. Heading 1 has the largest font size.

Headings are displayed in larger or bolder fonts than normal body text. Tagging a paragraph as a heading automatically generates a space below the heading. You cannot control this spacing.


In many documents, the first heading on the page is identical in content to the title. In multiple-part documents, the text of the first heading should be related information, such as a chapter title. The title you set earlier for the entire page should identify the document in a wider context (including both the book title and the chapter title, for example).

Press Return (Macintosh) or Enter (Windows).

You have just created another line below “Introduction to Lights of the Coast: Exploring Lighthouses” that, by default, is tagged as a paragraph. The paragraph format is generally used for regular body text.

Save the file.

Whenever you modify your document, notice the asterisk (*) that Dreamweaver inserts near the filename at the top of the document window. This asterisk indicates that the file has been modified but not yet saved. The asterisk disappears once you save the document. Be sure to save your documents often in order to prevent the loss of work.



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