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Lesson 10. Creating Frames > Saving a Frameset

Saving a Frameset

When you have the page set with the number of frames you want, you need to save the frameset. The frameset and the files for each frame need to be saved before you can preview the page in a browser. If you attempt to preview the page in the browser prior to saving, Dreamweaver displays a message stating that all documents need to to be saved in order to preview. The frameset file is the one you reference when linking to this Web page. You can save each file individually, or you can save all open files at once. In this exercise, you will save only the frameset.

In the document window, click the border around the edges of the document window to select the frameset.


You can also select the frameset by choosing Window > Others > Frames and then clicking the outermost border enclosing the frames in the Frames panel. The Frames panel shows you a simplified version of the structure of frames in the document.

In the document window, all frame borders within the frameset are outlined by a dotted line, and the Tag Selector at the bottom of the window displays <frameset>. The document's title bar shows “Untitled Document (UntitledFrameset-1),” and the Property inspector shows the frameset properties. The number (-1, -2, etc.) of your untitled document may vary depending on how many new documents you have created.


If only one frame is selected, only that frame border will appear in the document window with a dotted line. In documents that have nested framesets, only the frames in the selected frameset display with a dotted line.

In the Frames panel, framesets are displayed with a thick border, and frames are displayed with a thin border.

Choose File > Save Frameset As and save the file as locations.html in the Lesson_10_Frames folder.

The document's title bar shows the file name and location is Lesson_10_Frames/locations.html.


The default, temporary name given to the frameset was UntitledFrameset-1.html.

With the frameset still selected, type Lights of the Coast: Locations for the page title.

If you don't have the frameset selected when you title the page, you are titling one of the pages in the frameset—not the frameset file. The document title bar displays the selected page title and the filename. If you have the frameset selected, the document title bar displays the frameset title and filename. Refer to the Frames panel to check what is selected; this will help ensure you are working within the frame or frameset that you intend to edit.

Leave the locations.html file open to use in the next exercise.



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