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Lesson 7. Accessibility and Testing > Generating Reports for a Site

Generating Reports for a Site

While testing your site, you can compile and generate reports on several HTML attributes by using the Reports command. This command lets you check several options, including searching for untitled documents and redundant nested tags. You can run reports on a single document, a folder, or the entire site to help you troubleshoot and find potential problems before publishing your site.

Select the Reports folder in the Lesson_07_Testing folder in the Site window. Choose Site > Reports.

The Reports dialog box opens.

Choose Selected Files In Site from the Report On drop-down menu. Leave all the options in the Workflow area unchecked. Check all the options in the HTML Reports area except for accessibility.

The Workflow options are most useful when you are collaborating with a Web team and need to quickly see who has checked files out and what design notes have been created.

The HTML Reports options check for combinable nested font tags, accessibility, missing alt text, redundant nested tags, removable empty tags and untitled documents.

You can choose to run reports on the Current Document, Entire Local Site, Selected Files In Site, and Folder.

Click Run to create the report.

A list of results displays in the Results window. In this case, Dreamweaver alerts you that the relocation.html document has not been given a title.

Click Save Report on the bottom left corner of the Result window and save the report in the Lesson_07_Testing folder.

All reports are saved as XML files with the .xml file extension.

The Reports command lists problems in your pages but does not fix them.



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