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Lesson 7. Accessibility and Testing > Testing for Accessibility

Testing for Accessibility

You can run reports on pages within your sites to determine how well they stack up in terms of compliance with accessibility standards.

Open access_check.html from the Lesson_07_Testing folder. Choose Site > Reports, select Current Document from the Report On drop-down menu on the Reports dialog box, and select the Accessibility box in the HTML Reports section. Leave all other options unchecked and click Run.

A list of results displays in the Results window. Each item indicates the filename of the document it was found in, the line number where the item can be found in the code, and a brief description of the item.

Select the third item in the list, which begins with “Color is not essential.” Click the More Info icon on the left side of the Results window.

A more detailed description appears in the Reference panel, located in the Code panel group. This description will give you specifics about the particular accessibility rule in question, as well as suggestions for ways to make your pages more accessible.

Dreamweaver provides you with a number of Reference panels through which you can learn more about the code used to create Web pages. The UsableNet Accessibility Reference provides you with a quick way to get a thorough explanation of the many standards created by Section 508.

Verify that UsableNet Accessibility Reference is selected on the Book drop-down menu at the top of the Reference panel. From the Rule drop-down menu on the Reference panel, choose Spacer IMG with Valid ALT.

The description of the selected accessibility standard appears in the Reference panel. Displayed in green just above the text description is the specific location of this accessibility standard in Section 508. The description gives you information about the necessity of creating blank <alt> tags for all spacer and decorative (non-essential) images used.

This panel will be particularly helpful for developing accessible Web sites once you start working directly in the code, as you will learn in Lesson 12.

You'll be using the Results window throughout this lesson, so you can leave it open. You can close the access_check.html file.



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