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Lesson 14. Restricting Access > Planning the Authentication Component of the el... - Pg. 288

Restricting Access In this lesson, you will: · · · · · 288 Create an authentication framework Use the four User Authentication server behaviors in Dreamweaver Build a functioning log-in page that compares user credentials with those stored in a database Prevent nonauthenticated users from accessing restricted pages Create a link that enables users to log out APPROXIMATE TIME This lesson takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. LESSON FILES Starting Files: Lesson14\elearning\Application.cfm Lesson14\elearning\index.cfm Lesson14\elearning\login.cfm Lesson14\elearning\welcome.cfm Lesson14\elearning\test.cfm Lesson14\elearning\survey1.cfm Lesson14\elearning\survey2.cfm Lesson14\elearning\thanks.cfm Lesson14\elearning\transcript.cfm