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Lesson 4. Interactive DHTML Quizzes

Lesson 4. Interactive DHTML Quizzes

In previous lessons, the Circlefinder showed that you can create interactive learning applications with technology as simple as the HTML hyperlink. To recap, the start page constitutes the stimulus, while clicking a link is the user's response; the redirection to the new page is the feedback, which in turn becomes a new stimulus. The Circlefinder's usefulness has its limits, however: If all your applications require that a new page be loaded every time the user clicks, you have to develop a lot of pages.

HTML-based applications in general are limited because HTML was created to share text documents, not to create interactivity. But HTML hyperlinks are not your only choice for creating interactivity. Multimedia applications like Macromedia Flash, Authorware, and Director put incredible tools at your disposal. However, the availability of a scripting language—JavaScript—in nearly all browsers, in conjunction with special objects like CSS layers, lets you assemble a fairly robust variety of interactions. And once again, Dreamweaver behaviors make creating these interactions easier than you might expect.

Dreamweaver makes creating drag-and-drop interactions a breeze, and triggering some feedback (the Correct! pop-up) is not much harder.

In this lesson, the final one of the project, you will produce a quiz by creating three types of Dynamic HTML, or DHTML, interactions. By the time you're finished, you will not only know how to create these interactions, but you will also have a sense of DHTML's broader capabilities in building instructional interactions. These capabilities extend far beyond quizzes and enable the construction of robust Web learning content, from simple games to realistic simulations.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn the ABCs of DHTML

  • Create a Show-Hide Layers interaction

  • Create a Drag Layer interaction with JavaScript feedback

  • Create a Set Text of Layer interaction


This lesson takes approximately 1½ hours to complete.


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