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Lesson 7. Working with Frames > Making changes to the frame set

Making changes to the frame set

You can make several changes to a frame set, such as changing its orientation or borders, by using the Frame Set Inspector.

If the Inspector is not already open, choose Window > Inspector to open it, or click the tab if the Inspector is collapsed.

Click the internal border above the bottom frame to change the Inspector to the Frame Set Inspector.

You can select any internal border of the frame set to change the Inspector to the Frame Set Inspector. Click inside any frame to change the Inspector to the Frame Inspector.

A. Size B. Orientation C. Border properties

Select the Horizontal Orientation option and notice how this changes the appearance of the frames on both sides of the selected border. Then reselect the Vertical Orientation option.


These options do not change the orientation of the entire frame set, but only of the frames adjacent to the selected border.

Select the BorderSize option, enter 10 in the text box, and press Enter or Return. Notice how the change applies only to the border that you selected in the Frame Set Inspector.

Select the BorderColor option, and click the gray color field to open the Color palette. (If your Color palette is collapsed into a side tab, you may need to click the tab to open the Color palette.)

Click the Web Color List button () on the Color palette, and then select a color by either clicking in the color grid or by typing a value and pressing Enter or Return. (We entered 99CC99 in the Value field.) Notice how this changes the color of all the internal borders.

Selecting BorderColor field in Frame Set Inspector

Choosing color in Color palette

Select the internal border between the top two frames.

Notice in the Inspector that this frame is set to a horizontal orientation. Select the Vertical Orientation option to see how this affects the orientation of the frames and then reselect the Horizontal Orientation option.

Select the BorderSize option and enter 0 in the text box. Then select the BorderFrame option, and choose No from the pop-up menu. The border will not appear in a browser, although you can still see a black line in the Frame Editor.


Many Web designers use borderless frames and use the same background color for the content pages displayed in the frame set to give the impression of a frameless Web site.

Choose File > Save to save your work.



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