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Lesson 6. Using Smart Objects > Review questions

Review questions

1:How does an image placed with the Image icon differ from one placed as a Smart Object?
A1: An image placed on a Web page with the Image icon has to be in a Web-safe format such as GIF, JPEG, or PNG. An image placed as a Smart Object can be in a variety of non-Web-safe bitmapped and vector-based formats created by Photoshop, Illustrator, and LiveMotion. GoLive converts the image to a Web-safe format and retains a live link to the underlying source file. If you change the source file in its native application, your Web page will be updated automatically the next time you open the page in GoLive. If you resize the image on the Web page, GoLive goes back to the source file and creates new Web-safe images for optimal appearance of the resized files without changing the source image.
2:How do you place a Smart Object?
A2: To place a Smart Object of any kind (Photoshop, Illustrator, or LiveMotion), you simply drag the corresponding Smart Object icon from the Smart set of the Objects palette to your Web page. Then you set the source file for the Smart Object in the Inspector. A series of prompts leads you the rest of the way.
3:What happens to the source file when you resize a Smart Object on your page?
A3: Nothing! The great thing about Smart Objects is that your source files remain unchanged. GoLive recreates only the Web-safe versions that appear on your Web page, leaving the source files untouched.
4:Which dialog box contains all the settings you can use when you place a Smart Photoshop object?
A4: The GoLive Save for Web dialog box appears whenever you place a Smart Photoshop object. It appears for Smart Illustrator objects, if you choose a bitmapped format in the initial Conversion Settings dialog box. It never appears for Smart LiveMotion objects since they are always in the vector-based SWF format.
5:How do you open the source file for a Smart Object within GoLive?
A5: You can open the source file (in its native application) of any Smart Object by double-clicking the Smart Object on your Web page. If this doesn't work, Choose Edit > Preferences, expand General icon in the left pane, and choose User Interface. Select the Launch Other Applications to Edit Media Files option in the right pane.



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