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Review questions

1:What is the GoLive site project file, and why is it important?
A1: The GoLive site project file, named yoursitename.site, is a special document that GoLive creates to help you work with all of your pages, media files, and resources. The site project file opens up the site window, displaying an exact replica of the files and folder structure on your desktop. It is from the site window that you build and restructure your site, link pages and images, store reusable site assets (like page templates), and transfer and synchronize the site files with your server.
2:What are some of the ways you can add existing pages and folders to your site window?
A2: You can add pages and folders to your site window in a number of ways:
  • Drag a Generic Page icon or a Folder icon from the Site set of the Objects palette into the site window.

  • Import files into the site window using the File > Import > Files to Site command.

  • Drag files into the site window from the desktop.

3:What is a layout grid used for?
A3: A layout grid is used for laying out Web pages. You can drag text boxes, images, and other objects onto the layout grid to lay out a page precisely without having to work with HTML tables. The layout grid is an HTML table that GoLive formats for you.
4:What are the standard image formats used on Web pages?
A4: The standard image formats for the Web are Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) and Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG). GIF files are typically used for line art; JPEG files are typically used for photographs and images with more than 256 colors.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images are not a fully supported format, but have combined qualities of GIF and JPEG.

5:How does GoLive manage file name changes, links, and file synchronization?
A5: Name changes, link updates, and file synchronization are managed automatically by GoLive in the site window. If you do change file names or add files to your site outside the site window, you should always refresh the site window to synchronize the files on your hard drive with those in the site window. Changing a file name outside the site project file can break the links if the page contains any references.



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