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Review questions

1:What are some of the reasons for using design diagrams?
A1: A design diagram lets you lay out the structure of a site before you create pages and helps you manage the site creation process. You can use multiple prototype diagrams as you build and revise a site, creating and testing designs for review. You can present design diagrams in print or online in Adobe PDF or SVG format. When you are ready to work with real pages, you submit a diagram, converting its pages to actual pages in the Web site.
2:How do you create a design diagram?
A2: In the site window, select the Diagrams tab. Then choose Diagram > New Design Diagram from the GoLive command bar to create a new design diagram.
3:How do you add pages and elements to a design diagram?
A3: There are several ways to add pages and elements to a design diagram. You can drag page and element icons from the Diagram set of the Object palette. After you add one page, you can also add pages and objects using the context menu. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) on a page or object in the design diagram, and choose from the Insert Object menu or the New menu.
4:What is the purpose of the Master tab in the design diagram window?
A4: The Master view allows you to add items that will appear on every page of your design diagram if you have a multipage diagram. This is useful when you want to brand pages with a client logo or design team logo, for example, or when you want to add a legend.
5:Why should you check the staging of a design diagram?
A5: Checking the staging of a design diagram lets you determine whether all of a site's pages are connected by links to an anchor page and whether there are folder or filename problems. Checking the staging gives you the opportunity to correct errors before submitting the design.
6:When would you submit a design diagram?
A6: You submit a design diagram when you are ready to convert the design diagram's pages and sections to real, editable HTML pages. GoLive moves the pages from the Extras tab of the site window to the Files tab, indicating that they exist as files within the site. Files are created for custom objects that are linked to a template, stationery, or other file.



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