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Getting started

You'll begin this lesson by viewing the final movie file, which contains the finished LiveMotion composition combined with three QuickTime movies in GoLive.

Start Adobe GoLive or a QuickTime movie player.

If you start GoLive, by default, an introductory screen appears prompting you to create a new page, create a new site, or open an existing file.


You can set preferences for the introductory screen to not appear when you start GoLive. If the introductory screen doesn't appear, choose File > Open and go to step 3.

Click Open to open an existing file or choose File > Open Movie (QuickTime).

Select the 13end.mov file in Lessons/Lesson13/13End/, and click Open.

Click the play button () at the bottom of the window to play the movie.

Move the mouse pointer over the orbiting stars as they come into view.

Notice that the pointer changes to a hand (briefly), indicating that the stars are actually rollover buttons. Each rollover button is linked to a different QuickTime movie.

Moving mouse pointer over orbiting star (rollover button)

Click one of the orbiting stars to play a movie.

To create this file, we set up a timeline in LiveMotion, including placeholders for three QuickTime movies. We used LiveMotion to create the line of text scrolling at the bottom of the movie by changing the X coordinate of a text object over time. Then we used GoLive to integrate the final LiveMotion composition with the QuickTime movies. Finally we used GoLive to add sound and special effects to the movies.

Click another orbiting star to see another movie.

When you're done previewing the movie, choose File > Close to close the file. Then choose File > Exit or Quit to quit GoLive or the QuickTime Movie player.



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