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Chapter 21. Workflow & Collaboration > Modifying Columns in the Site Window

Modifying Columns in the Site Window

New in Dreamweaver 4, you can add or remove columns, called File View Columns, from the Site window. You can hide columns you don't use, and you can also create columns that are associated with particular design notes attributes.

To show or hide an existing column:

From the Site window menu bar, select Define Sites. The Define Sites dialog box will appear.

Select the site for which you want to define new columns, and click on Edit. The Site Definition dialog box will appear.

In the Category box at left, select File View Columns. That panel of the dialog box will appear (Figure 21.31).

Figure 21.31. The File View Columns panel of the Site Definition dialog box allows you to rearrange the hide columns, as well as add new ones.

Six built-in columns are displayed by default. These are: Name (filename), Notes (a note icon appears for pages with design notes; only shown when design notes are enabled), Size (file size), Type (file type, such as HTML or GIF), Modified (date last changes were saved), and Checked Out By (check-out name; only shown when file check-in is enabled).

To show or hide any of these columns (except Name) or a column you create yourself, check or uncheck the Show checkbox in the options area of the dialog box. Figure 21.32 shows the Site window with all but the Name and Modified fields hidden.

Figure 21.32. Here, I've hidden all but the Name and Modified columns.

You can also change the alignment of the text in a column. Figure 21.33 uses default alignment settings. The Name column is set to Left, so that the beginning of the filename shows; the Notes column is set to Center, so that Notes icons are centered in that column; and the File Size column is set to Right, so that the numbers line up with the file size. You can change any of these.

Figure 21.33. This is standard text alignment in the Sites window (local view only, in this figure). To see more or less of what's in a column, you can experiment with rearranging alignment options. Note that the Notes column has Center alignment set, but it still looks like left alignment.



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