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Chapter 21. Workflow & Collaboration > Adding File View Columns

Adding File View Columns

Not only can you show or reorder existing columns, you can add your own columns to the Site window. These columns can display design note details, such as the status of a file or other custom fields that you create.

To create a new column in the Site window:

Design notes must be enabled in order for you to add personal or shared columns. See the preceding sections on setting up and creating design notes.

Follow steps 1–3 under To show or hide an existing column on the previous page to display Site View Column details in the Site Definition dialog box.

Click on the Plus button. A new Personal column called Untitled will appear (Figure 21.35).

Figure 21.35. Click on the Plus button to create a new column in the Sites window.

Type the display name for the column as you want it to appear in the Site window in the Column Name text box.

To associate the column with a design note field, select it from the Associate With Design Note menu. Not all these fields are already in the design notes; see Tip, below. If you have not yet created the field in your design notes, you can go ahead and type it in the text box and create it later.

To set alignment of the text in the column, select Left, Center, or Right from the Alignment menu.

Click on OK to close the Site Definition dialog box and add the column to the Site window.



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