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Chapter 21. Workflow & Collaboration

Chapter 21. Workflow & Collaboration

Macromedia introduced design notes in a nascent form in Dreamweaver 3. These are small text files that store information about a file in conjunction with that file. Instead of leaving comments about version numbers, due dates, and other tracking information in comments within the file, you can store an associated design note with the file—and it's not public information.

Now, in Dreamweaver 4, design notes have moved up in the world. Rather than just sitting there with the file, sans icons or searchability, these are great workflow tools you can use yourself or with your team to keep track of what folks are up to when they're working.

You can create custom columns in the site window that correspond to fields in design notes (Figure 21.1), and you can even share these columns with colleagues working on the site. You can also create site reports (Figure 21.2) that track specific fields in design notes. You can use reports, also new in Dreamweaver 4, to find other details such as untitled pages or redundant tags.

Figure 21.1. The Site window, in local view only. I've created two new columns, Status and CSS. Also note that Design Notes now show up with a little icon, and that the checkout name is a clickable e-mail address.

Figure 21.2. Site reports allow you to see who's checked out what file, among other things.

File check-in and check-out has also improved in Dreamweaver 4. Check-out names are now clickable e-mail links you can use to contact other users of a file on a remote site (Figure 21.1). You can also use site reports to search for all files checked out by a certain user (including yourself). You can manage content on small sites using these tools.

Also in this chapter, I cover how to share the HTML Styles file between sites or between users. And now you can hitch up your site tools in Dreamweaver to some popular content management systems, Visual Source Safe and WebDAV.



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