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Chapter 9. Paragraphs and Block Formatting

Chapter 9. Paragraphs and Block Formatting

The basic unit of text is the paragraph, although in HTML the paragraph is a specific tag. Paragraphs in HTML are blocks of text enclosed by the <p> tag (Figure 9.1), but paragraphs can also be more loosely defined as any specifically formatted block of text. Paragraph types include headers, list items, preformatted text, and divisions.

Figure 9.1. I formatted an HTML version of this page in Dreamweaver by applying paragraph breaks, two kinds of headings, blockquotes, and a bulleted list. I also used the Arial font face for the headings, and applied the bold and <tt> styles in a few places. If I had wanted to replicate the layout of this page (including columns), I would have used tables.

You can format text into any of these paragraph styles, and you can adjust the layout of the page by using paragraph alignment and by using blockquotes to indent text blocks. You can also divide a page with ruled lines called horizontal rules.

What's Where

In this chapter, you'll find information about paragraphs versus line breaks, headings, preformatted text, numbered lists, bulleted lists, definition lists, paragraph alignment, divisions, indents and outdents, nonbreaking spaces, and horizontal rules.

Chapter 8 covers font sizes, font faces, text styles, font colors, special characters, finding and replacing text, and checking your spelling.

Style sheets allow further fine-tuning of the placement of paragraphs; you can find out how to adjust white space, boxes, and borders in Chapter 11.



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