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Chapter 4. Editing HTML > Setting HTML Preferences

Setting HTML Preferences

If you work somewhere that has a house HTML style guide, it's probably specific about things like indenting (or not), tag case (upper or lower), and how text is wrapped. In production groups, the interaction of individual coders' pages with the entire site and with vi and CVS (two tools used in Unix environments) has a lot to do with these standards. Even if you work for yourself, setting up house rules for consistency is a good idea.


More HTML preferences (including Code Color preferences, Quick Tag editor preferences, and External Editor preferences) are discussed in Appendix D on the Web site for this book. HTML Cleanup preferences are discussed later in this chapter.

To change Code Format preferences:

From the Document window menu bar, select Edit > Preferences. The Preferences dialog box will appear.

In the Category box at the left of the dialog box, click on Code Format. That panel of the dialog box will appear (Figure 4.54).

Figure 4.54. The Code Format panel of the Preferences dialog box lets you get nitpicky about how your code is constructed.

To turn off indenting altogether, uncheck the Indent checkbox.

To use Spaces or Tabs for indent, select that option from the Use drop-down menu.

For more on indenting, see the sidebar, HTML Code Format Details.

You can have Dreamweaver automatically wrap text in the Code inspector by checking the Automatic Wrapping checkbox. For more on wrapping, see HTML Format Details.

To set the format for line breaks, select Windows, Macintosh, or Unix from the Line Breaks drop-down menu.

For more on line breaks, see the sidebar, HTML Format Details.

To set the case for tags, select lowercase or UPPERCASE from the Case for Tags drop-down menu. For more on tag case, see the sidebar, HTML Format Details.

To set the default tag for centering text, click the Use DIV Tag or Use CENTER Tag radio button. To go oldschool, use CENTER. The DIV tag is a new-ish version of the paragraph tag. These tags are described in detail in Chapters 6 and 14.

When you're all set, click on OK to save your changes and close the Preferences dialog box.

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