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Chapter 19. Customizing Dreamweaver > About XML - Pg. 787

Customizing Dreamweaver 787 Editing Dreamweaver Menus You can edit any menu in Dreamweaver. You can rename, move, or delete items, and you can add or change a keyboard shortcut for any item. You can also add items, but that requires firm knowledge of JavaScript. The Dreamweaver menu commands are all stored in a file called menus.xml, which is stored in the Menus folder, inside the Configuration folder. The location of this file is · Windows: C:\Program Files\Macromedia\ Dreamweaver 4\Configuration\Menus\ menus.xml · Macintosh: Hard Drive/Dreamweaver 4/Configuration/Menus/ menus.xml Before you do anything to this file, make a backup copy of it. The file menus.bak is a pre-installed backup copy, as well, but one can never be too cautious when it involves editing application code. Tip To add items to the Commands menu using the History panel, see the sections about His- tory in Chapter 18. About XML The eXtensible Markup Language, affectionately known as XML, is a markup language based on SGML, just as HTML is. XML uses tags as containers to mark up text, just as HTML does. Most tags have an opener and a