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Editing Styles

You can edit a style that preexists in Dreamweaver. You will also want to edit styles that you create. The preceding sections describe how to create styles, and now we'll examine all the attributes you can edit.

To edit an HTML style:

In the HTML Styles panel, click on the style whose attributes you wish to change.

Click on the menu button in the upper-right corner of the panel, and choose Edit from the menu that appears. The Define HTML Styles dialog box will appear (as seen in Figure 10.20).

To rename the style, type the new name in the Name text box.

In the Apply To area of the dialog box, you can change the style from Paragraph to Selection, or vice versa, if you wish. Click the Paragraph or Selection radio button.

In the When Applying area of the dialog box, you can choose to override existing formatting (click the Clear Existing Style radio button) or to add the style's attributes to already-formatted text (click the Add to Existing Style radio button).

Font and Paragraph Attributes

In the Define HTML Style dialog box, many of the basic text attributes that are available in the Property inspector or from the menu bar are available as style attributes. These are described fully in Chapters 8 and 9.

Font attributes are available for both selection and paragraph styles. You can set the following characteristics:

Paragraph attributes are available only to paragraph styles. You can change the following options:

Select any attributes you like for the style. See the sidebar on this page for details about these attributes.

When you're finished, click on OK to save your changes and close the Define HTML Style dialog box.

The edited style will be stored in the HTML Styles panel, and its changes will be active the next time you apply the style.



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