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Chapter 3. Basic Web Pages > Previewing in a Browser

Previewing in a Browser

Although Dreamweaver is pretty much WYSIWYG, there are some tags it doesn't support. Also, Dreamweaver's representation of HTML is like a cross between how Explorer and Netscape display pages. To find out how your page looks in a particular browser, you need to actually use that browser to view your page.

To view your page in a browser:

With the page you want to preview open in the Document window or the Code inspector, select File > Preview in Browser > Browser Name from the menu bar (Figure 3.36); or from the Preview menu on the toolbar (Figure 3.37); or press F12.

Figure 3.36. Select File > Preview in Browser and then select a browser. Find out how to add browsers to your list on the Web site for this book.

Figure 3.37. Select a browser from the Preview menu.

  • If the browser isn't open yet, Dreamweaver will launch it and load the current page (Figure 3.38).

    Figure 3.38. Preview your page, at any stage of its progress, in a browser so you can see what it really looks like. In the Document window, visual aids such as table borders are still visible, whereas they are invisible in the browser (unless you specified a border).

  • If the browser is already open, Dreamweaver will load the current page into a new window (Explorer, Netscape 6) or into the last-used window (Navigator).

To make changes, return to the Document window by using the Taskbar (the Applications menu on the Mac).



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