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Chapter 18. Automating Dreamweaver > Re-creating a Library Item - Pg. 715

Automating Dreamweaver <!- #BeginLibraryItem "/Library/tabletalk.lbi" -> <center> <font size="-1">Copyright &copy; 2001, Animalogic. All rights reserved. <a href="/legal/">Legal Notices</a>.</font> </center> <!- #EndLibraryItem -> 715 Dreamweaver keeps track of library-linked pages using the site cache (discussed in Chapters 2 and Chapters 20). When a library item is moved or renamed within the Library panel or the Site window, Dreamweaver looks in the cache for the #BeginLibraryItem marker in pages within your site. If you want to remove all library item markers from a site, you can use Dreamweaver's Replace feature (Edit > Replace), discussed in Chapter 8, or the Clean Up HTML feature (Commands > Clean Up HTML; select Dreamweaver Comments), discussed in Chapter 4. Re-creating a Library Item If you delete an item from the Library, but it still exists on any page, you can re-create it. Besides reinstating deleted library items, you can use the Recreate function to replace the contents of a library item with the contents of an edited library item (or vice versa). This is useful for renamed or mistakenly edited items. Procedure 18-7. To re-create a library item: 1. In the Document window, select an edited library item or an item that was deleted from the Library palette (Figure 18.23).