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Lesson 2. Working with Graphics > Managing Images with the Favorites List

Managing Images with the Favorites List

Placing images that you use repeatedly in a Favorites list can be a time-saver. You can add any image contained within the site to your Favorites list. This list will be empty when you start using Dreamweaver. In the following exercise, you will add an image from the Site category to your Favorites list and then organize that list.

In travel_log.html, select “fish” in the Site list and click the Add to Favorites button, located in the bottom-right corner.

A dialog box appears to let you know that the selected assets have been added to this site's Favorites list. Choose OK to acknowledge the message and close the dialog box. Graphics are listed in the Site list by their name only, and do not include the .gif or .jpg extensions.


You can use an alternative method to add an image to the Favorites list. First, in site view, select the image you want to use. From the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the Assets panel, choose Add to Favorites. Yet another method is to make an image in your document window a favorite. To do this, Control-click (Macintosh) or right-click (Windows) the image and choose Add to Favorites from the context menu that appears. This context menu contains a wide variety of options.

In the Assets panel, choose Images > Favorites.

The image is now listed in Favorites.

As you begin to manage your images through the Assets panel, you probably will need to remove as well as add images. When an image is selected in the Favorites list, the Add to Favorites button becomes the Remove from Favorites button. Clicking Remove from Favorites causes the selected image to disappear from the list.

Click the icon for New Favorites Folder at the bottom of the panel and type Fish in the folder-name text box.

You can organize your images in folders to make them easy to locate.


You can also use the drop-down menu from the arrow at the top right of the panel to select New Favorites Folder.

Drag the fish.gif image into the Fish folder.

A small plus sign (Windows) or an arrow (Macintosh) appears to the left of the folder name, indicating that the folder contains an image. Click the plus sign or arrow to see the contents of the folder.

Images in Favorites are listed by their nicknames, which Dreamweaver assigns automatically based on the image's file names. You can change these nicknames—in the Favorites list only—by clicking the name, pausing, and clicking again. Don't double-click. A border appears around the text box, and the name is highlighted. Start typing to replace the highlighted text.



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