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Lesson 2. Working with Graphics > Inserting an Image from the Assets Panel

Inserting an Image from the Assets Panel

You may find it difficult to manage all your images, especially if you are working on a large site. The Assets panel provides a way for you to keep track of those images. Before you begin the following exercise, make sure that the Assets panel is open. If not, choose Window > Assets.

In the Assets panel, click the Images button, located at the top of the column of buttons on the left side of the panel.

The other buttons represent different types of assets that may be available to your site, including colors, which you used in Lesson 1.

You can work with the Assets panel in two ways: view it with the Site list, which gives you a complete list of the images in your site; or view it with the Favorites list, to which you can add frequently-used images for easier reference.

Click the Site button at the top of the Assets panel.

All images within the site are shown in the site-assets window. The images appear in this window automatically, whether or not they are used in any document. It may take a few seconds for the panel to create a catalog of the image assets available for your site. If you haven't created a site cache for this site, the Assets panel prompts you to do so; the asset list cannot be created without a site cache.

If you add a new asset to your site, it might not appear in the Assets panel immediately. To update the panel to match all the images in your site, you need to refresh the site catalog. To do so, click the Refresh Site button in the bottom-right corner of the Assets panel.

Drag the diver.jpg graphic from the Assets panel to the document and place it below the heading.

The image appears in the document window.


Alternatively, you can place the insertion point in the document, select the image in the Assets panel, and click the Insert button.

In the image-name text box of the property inspector, type diver. In the Alt text box, type diver pic.

Giving names and <alt> tags to your images as you insert them will save you time and make it easier to work with them in code view later, if necessary.



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