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Lesson 8. Using Templates > Modifying a Template

Modifying a Template

You've seen how easy it is to build pages using a template—you just add the content that changes without worrying about creating the rest of the page or changing the design. The real time savings comes when you need to make changes to all the pages that were built using the template. Without a template, you'd have to edit each page. With a template, you simply edit the template to update all the pages built with the template.

In the Templates category of the Assets panel, double-click the gear template that you've been using.

The template opens.

Select the Travel Logs navigation button and link it to the travel_log.htm page you created in Lesson 2 by clicking the folder icon next to the link text field in the property inspector and browsing to find the file in the Lesson_02_Graphics folder.

The Travel Logs navigation button is now a link to travel_log.htm.

Save the template.

The Update Template Files dialog box opens, displaying a list of all files built from this template.

Click Update to modify all the pages with the change you just made.


If you wish, you can update the pages later by choosing Don't Update, then at a later time choosing Modify > Templates > Update Pages.

The pack.htm document you created from the template earlier will be updated with the link.

The ability to update all pages associated with a template can be very useful. For example, if you have a navigation section of the page with graphics for links you can set those graphics and their links in the template. If the links change, you simply change the template, and all pages designed with the template are updated.


You can detach a page from a template by choosing Modify > Templates > Detach From Template. A detached page is completely editable, but it will no longer be updated if the template is changed.

Open the pack.htm file and view it in the browser.

The link to the Travel Logs page should work on this page, as well as on the other two pages, rope.htm and vest.htm, that you built from the template.



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