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Lesson 8. Using Templates > Building Pages Based on a Template

Building Pages Based on a Template

After you create the template, you can begin creating pages based on the template. The only portions of the page you can change will be those parts you defined as editable in the template. In this exercise, you will create several pages based on the gear template. The graphics you need for building the pages are located in the Lesson 8 folder in the Favorites Assets panel (using the Favorites Assets panel to insert images was covered in Lesson 2).

Choose File > New From Template.

The Select Template dialog box opens. A list of all the templates you've created for the site appears.

Choose gear from the list. Leave the Update Page when Template Changes checkbox checked and click Select.

A new page is created from the template. Although this document has a title already, it still needs to be saved.

Save the file as pack.htm in the Lesson_08_Templates folder.

You'll see the highlight color (the default color is pale yellow) of the locked regions on the page, around the edges of the document window. You can also see the template name at the top right of the document window.

The pointer will change when you roll over or try to click any of the locked regions. This indicates that those areas are not editable.

Click the Image category on the Assets panel and choose Favorites. Open the Lesson 8 folder in the Favorites list and locate the pack_title and back_pack images. Add the pack_title image to the title region and the back_pack image to the picture region. These images are located in the Images folder inside Lesson_08_Templates.


To add the images from the Assets panel, select the image in the panel and click the insert button, or drag the image from the panel to the appropriate region.

If the insertion point was within the cell when you defined the editable region, the region name will be repeated in braces within the cell. You should delete the title and braces before placing the images so the text does not remain on the page.

Open the catalog.txt file from Lesson_08_Templates/Text and select the text for Day Pack. Copy the text and paste it within the description region of your pack.htm file.

The text appears within an outlined border. The border color is the color of the editable regions. A tab at the upper-left corner of the region displays the name of the region.

Format the first four paragraphs as a bulleted list. Bold the price and align it to the right.

Your page should now look like the example here.

You can save and close the pack.htm file.

Repeat steps 1 through 6 to create rope.htm and vest.htm. Use the text from the the catalog.txt file in the Text folder and the images from the Images folder.

You have now created three pages from the template. You can close both the rope.htm and the vest.htm files.



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