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Lesson 8. Using Templates > Changing Template Highlight Colors

Changing Template Highlight Colors

You can change both the color of the highlighted regions and the color of the locked areas. You may need to change the highlight colors to be sure they will show up against the background color of your pages.

Choose Edit > Preferences and select the Highlighting category.

There are four types of items that Dreamweaver highlights: editable regions in templates, locked regions in templates, library items, and third-party tags.

Click the Editable Regions color box to open the color picker and select a highlight color, or enter the hexadecimal value for the highlight color in the text field. Do the same for the Locked Regions color box.

The editable region color appears in the template itself and in documents based on the template; the locked region color appears only in documents based on the template. The default colors are light blue (#CCFFFF) for editable regions and pale yellow (#FFFFCC) for locked regions.

Click Show to enable or disable the display of these colors in the document window and click OK.

These highlight colors will only show in the document window if the option to view Invisible Elements is enabled. If invisible elements, such as the highlighting on template regions, do not appear in the document window, choose View > Visual Aids > Invisible Elements.

You can close the gear.dwt file.



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