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Lesson 8. Using Templates > Creating Templates

Creating Templates

You can build a template from scratch, or you can take an existing HTML page and save it as a template. In this exercise, you are creating a Web page for an online catalog for the Compass site. You will start with a page that has already been created using the Layout view. You will then save the file as a template and create other pages from it in the following exercises.

Open gear.htm in the Lesson_08_Templates folder.

For the areas that are to change from page to page, the content has been replaced with a descriptive placeholder.

Next you will save this page as a template you can use to build other pages.

Choose File > Save as Template.

The Save as Template dialog box opens. Dreamweaver automatically names the template “gear”—the name of your file.


If you want to change the name of the template, type the new name in the Save As text field. The template name is only for your reference.

Click Save to close the dialog box.

Your template has been added to your site and saved with an extension of .dwt in the Templates folder. Dreamweaver adds the Templates folder at the root level if one doesn't already exist. Leave this file open to use in the next exercise.

The Assets panel opens to the Templates category. The template you just created—gear—appears in the Templates list. The file you are working with changes to gear.dwt, and the top of the document window will display <<Template>> (gear.dwt).



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